Meet our Pro-Barber Victor

Victor  – Our Rising Star from Ukraine

Introducing Victor, our talented barber who hails from Ukraine. Victor embarked on his barbering journey several years ago, fueled by his passion for the craft. Growing up in Ukraine, he immersed himself in the world of barbering, learning techniques and methods from renowned barbers in his hometown and seeking guidance from international-level experts through dedicated courses.

Victor’s unwavering enthusiasm and desire to excel in his field allowed him to rapidly develop his skills, transforming into a professional barber within a remarkably short span of time. Learning directly from the best, he honed his craft and acquired invaluable expertise.

At our studio, Victor brings his Ukrainian roots and a fresh perspective to deliver exceptional barbering services. His dedication and commitment to providing top-quality cuts and styles ensure that every client receives the utmost care and attention.

Join us at VK69 Studio and experience the artistry of Victor, our rising star from Ukraine. Let his skills and passion for barbering create a personalized and unforgettable grooming experience for you.

ViCtor's Portfolio

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