Viktoria Kolshik


We proudly present Viktoria Kolshik, the owner and talented artist behind VK69 Studio. With an impressive 13 years of experience, she has established herself as more than just a professional tattoo artist. Viktoria embodies a friendly and charismatic persona, driven by a singular aim: to provide each client with the finest tattoo, both visually and meaningfully, in a truly unique way.

Viktoria’s artistic prowess shines through her beautiful works of art. Her expertise spans a wide range of styles, ensuring that she can bring any tattoo concept to life with precision and creativity. From intricate designs to larger-scale pieces, she pays meticulous attention to detail, resulting in stunning and personalized tattoos.

At VK69 Studio, Viktoria strives to create an exceptional experience for every client, combining her artistic talent with a warm and welcoming approach. Her dedication to understanding and realizing each client’s vision sets her apart, as she aims to surpass expectations and deliver the highest level of satisfaction.

Join us at VK69 Studio and experience the artistry of Viktoria Kolshik. With her unparalleled skill, friendly demeanor, and commitment to excellence, she is ready to create a remarkable and meaningful tattoo that reflects your unique story.